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What is horoscope?

In its extremely succinct form, a horoscope is said to be the placement of stars such as Sun, Moon and planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn during the birth of an individual, typically a newborn,because the stars and planets evolve dramatically due to perpetual transition the horoscope of every person turns out to be unique and one of a kind.

Birth Horoscope is a kind of supernal blueprint of a human being, and one of the essential documents which provides the positioning of various planets at a particular time, place, and date. Therefore, to create a horoscope these three vital inputs are mandatory.

Interestingly the place or the location of birth offers a comparative data vis-à-vis position of the stars and planets. In short an individual’s horoscope is similar to a photograph which offers an insight into the positioning of celestial elements at the time of birth.

Incidentally, horoscope can be prepared for individuals and businesses as well. Business horoscope is a subset of Indian or Vedic astrology, and it relies on the fact that each zodiac sign or Rashi is governed by its own set of “Trade” planets, those that are responsible for a successful business enterprise in a particular field or area.

What about twins? Does their horoscope appear same? The simple answer is NO.

While preparing the same, several transition and progression charts are referred. This is typically done to create an accurate horoscope. In case of twins it becomes even more crucial as their birth is separated by few minutes in most cases. In such a scenario the above mentioned charts, especially the birth chart is updated right till the last second. It is this dynamic addition and parallel inputs such as past connections and genetic influence that give birth to two different horoscopes.

Yet another facet of horoscope of twins is the division of the natal chart. Several attributes and virtues are shared or split to. In fact the alpha native tends pick up his/her role first and follow that path while the other simply adjusts to the supporting role or a different role to enact.

However, in case the twins are separated, or due to unavoidable circumstances live apart then the chances of both playing a similar role increase substantially. It can prove to be harmful or advantageous because he/she is not able to pick up some of the natal chart instructions or inscriptions to its fullest.

Want to know more about your horoscope?

If you are keen to know your free daily horoscope there are several online portals which can provide the information. Nonetheless, be cautioned, as these are generalised and not very reliable. For best horoscope prediction you need to consult a learned entity such as Pandit Suvashit Raj who has more than forty years of horoscope prediction experience.

Some of the benefits of seeking horoscope predictions are -

  • Enhancing the success rate of career and personal goals.
  • Diluting and even bypassing problems related to relationship, wealth and career.
  • By referring "today's free horoscope" or seeking advice from Pandit ji such as renowned visionary Pandit Suvashit Raj, inauspicious and auspicious dates can be marked and tasks schedule accordingly.
  • Reap the benefits of perpetual happiness through timely reference to horoscope.

Remember, there are three distinct types of horoscopes: Vedic, Western and Chinese. In India we follow the Vedic horoscope which is in line with our culture and also forms an integrated component of related scriptures and doctrines such as astrology, numerology and palmistry.

When it comes to matrimony, even today, most of the eligible individuals in India still prefer the age old tradition of "Arranged Marriage". It is something which has been hot-wired into our DNA. And rightly so! Arranged marriage is not just about the lives of two individuals, it is also about a fragile relationship between two families. Therefore, it is not unusual to find parents rushing to a Pandit or family guru to find a perfect partner for their son / daughter. In fact the best match making solution provider in India is a local Pandit or family guru who typically looks after all the religious needs of a family.

In the mushrooming online matchmaking arena Indians still end up at the doorstep of the learned and religious entities, especially to compare horoscope. This step is inevitable, and essential in Hindu culture. One may find a suitable life partner through any source but the final nod comes from the religious head after comparing the horoscope of the boy and the girl. In short, matching of horoscope is an integral part of both arranged marriages as well as those that are initiated through other means.

Matchmaking astrologers in Mumbai and across India, compare horoscope to seek Guna Milap or favourable virtues of boy and the girl. Typically there are 36 Gunas or virtues. The idea is find out the number of Gunas that match - higher the number, better the compatibility quotient. Matchmaking consultant in Mumbai looks out for at least 18 Gunas to give the green signal.

Yet another aspect of an individual's horoscope which is scrutinised is for various Doshas. These are astrological conditions or unfavourable situations. For example when the planet Mars is positioned in 1st, 4th, 8th and 12th house of the birth chart it creates a Dosh called Manglik. This comparison is essential and important. If ignored, it can lead to frequent fights, extramarital affair and even divorce at the later stage.

In case the parents still decide to pursue with such a proposal, then the Pandit intervenes and conducts several rituals to counter the negative effects of such a Dosha.

One needs to seek the services of matchmaking astrology and Pandit ji for matchmaking, such as Pandit Suvashit Raj the one who is learned enough to offer advice based of Nakshatras or Lunar constellation. This form of Vedic Astrology also determines other virtues such as character, well-being and fortunes through the positions of astrological bodies in the respective birth chart.

Chirology and palmistry are different names for the art of fortune telling by reading lines on the palm of the hand. The science of reading palm has been around from time immemorial, and has been an integral part of various cultures, religions and societies. Although they are practiced with different yardsticks the basic rules remain the same.

Samudrika Shastra, a Sanskrit term for hand analysis is our version of chiromancy.

Incidentally, Samudrik Shastra, the Vedic avatar of modern palm reading was founded by Lord Brahma, the creator of universe. It was later refined and proposed by Saint Samudra. Incidentally, expert in Samudrik Vigyan (Palmistry) entities are available in Mumbai and many other cities across India.

Palmistry or palm reading astrologer in Mumbai, India can educate you on the four crucial elements of hand:

1. Size of the hand

The size of the hand reflects an individual’s thought process and perspective. A large hand typically belongs to those who are thinkers, cautious and justify this action for making calculated decisions. On the other hand a small hand generally signals an individual who is a hard worker.

2. Shape of hand

Shape of the hand is characterised by the element of the nature with which it is associated.

Air - People from this category possess large palms and long fingers. They are great thinkers and orators. Their hands reflect fine lines which at times are difficult to read.

Earth - As the name suggests people from this category are riveted to earth. They boast solid hands, ready to put into action. Individuals are often characterised for their practical approach and humble demeanour.

Fire - When it comes to people belonging to this category, they are described as individuals who are spontaneous and quick thinkers. They sport broad palms and short fingers which are warm most of the time. Their handshake is firm and confident.

Water - – Individuals from this category boast long fingers and equally long palms: a mark of a creative personality. Their hands are warm, slender, and their handshake lacks enthusiasm, which in no way reflects weakness.

A point to note here - Size and shape of palm also matters which a good palm reading expert can explain in detail.

3. Distinct lines

Life line, fate line, heart line and line of the head are some of the imprints which tell a lot about the past and the future of a person. This single characteristic can reflect so much about a person.

5 Mounts

On the other hand certain rises or protrusions on the palm also called mounts are associated with planets. These mounts also offer information, especially related to the future. For example those seeking love details can analyse the mount of Venus, located close to the thumb.

One of the best palm readers in Mumbai,India Pandit Suvashit Raj is available for various astrological consultations and various Vedic rituals.

Numerology in its basic avatar is the science of numbers. It offers an occult significance of numbers in an individual's life, because each number has certain attributes which change the fortunes of life. Best Numerologist in Mumbai,India Pandit Suvashit Raj provides one stop solution for all number related astrological issues.

So what does numerology do and more importantly what kind of answers does it offer?

In a nutshell numerology defines an individual’s character. It offers an insight into the sequence of incidences both promising and challenging, but it does not provide any solution to the latter. How the challenges are negotiated in left upon that person’s choices and negotiating skills. Top astro numerologist in Mumbai,India can educate and guide such individual through reshuffling of priorities.

What is the basis of numerology?

An individual’s numerological chart is based on date of birth and the baptised name. All numerology cycles are derived from these parameters. The baptised name is made up of letters and each letter has a designated number allocated to it. Therefore addition and subtraction of letters can alter the numerological cycles and thereby affect that individual’s fortunes. However, an experienced numerology consultant in Mumbai ,India can tweak names for positive results.

Interestingly the numerological chart of every person is littered with numbers, each influencing a certain facet of that individual’s personality and the phases of his life. On the other hand Life Path in conjunction with several other expressions provides a complete picture of that person's personality and phases.

While the geometric pattern of the number reflects its individual set of strengths, weaknesses and attributes it is also related to astrology and planets. The reason being each planet boasts a similar vibration to its allocated number. Mentioned belong are the planets and its associated numbers.

  • 1 - Sun
  • 2 - Moon
  • 3 - Jupiter
  • 4 - Uranus or Rahu
  • 5 - Mercury
  • 6 - Venus
  • 7 - Neptune or Kethu
  • 8 - Saturn
  • 9 - Mars

Incidentally, the number 0 or cipher is not attached to any planet. However, its presence strengthens the number and therefore plays an important role in the numbers game. In the same way the numbers have also been allocated a set of letters or alphabets. Here is the breakup.

  • 1 - A, I, J, Q, Y
  • 2 - B, K, R
  • 3 - C, G, L, S
  • 4 - D, M, T
  • 5 - E, H, N, X
  • 6 - U, V, W
  • 7 - O, Z
  • 8 - F, P
  • 9 - Not allocated because it is considered sacred.

Are there any good numerology services in Mumbai?India? Top astro numerologist in India, Pandit Suvashit Raj has more than 40 years of experience in this field and associated Vedic practices. Call or mail to get answers to all your astrological queries.

What is Vastu Shastra? Why is it important?

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture or simply architectural science. It is a practical model developed by ancient seers and Vedic scholars after observing and experimenting with various natural and manmade habitats build from an array of resources to live in harmony with the five elements of nature and thereby attain happiness and prosperity.

Today, the same science is applied to residences, shops, factories and offices. Vastu Shastra helps individuals construct the same habitats in tandem with the above mentioned elements to keep away negative energies such as angst, friction, obstacles and fear. A Vastu Shastra based premises invariably offers tranquillity and growth.

Most of the people living in mega cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc face Vastu Dosh as builders most of time ignore Vastu principles. However, a Vastu consultant in Mumbai or any other city can help individuals realise the power of this science.

A point to note: Vastu Shastra has nothing to do religious doctrines and spirituality as assumed by many. There are several Vastu Shastra consultants in Mumbai,India but only the best Vastu solution provider in Mumbai ,India such as renowned Pandit Suvashit Raj can help you build a residential or commercial habitat that adheres to the strict principles of Vastu Shastra.

However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Vastu Shastra is a complex calculation and exploitation of science and mathematics that provides intriguing ideas for structural design, layout, space manipulation, type of ground or earth and even the use of various building materials. Vastu Shastra can also be defined as a composition of several Vedic scriptures such as science, art, astrology and astronomy which provides human beings to build residential and work habitats which complement the nature and its five essential elements - fire, water, air, earth and sky. These elements play a crucial role in our luck quotient.

Some of the principles of Vastu Shastra are based on Yantra ( Geometric exploitation of design ), symmetry ( exact reflection of a form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane ) and alignment ( Typically steps or split level harmony ). As mentioned above it is the science of architecture based on Hindu and Buddhist beliefs and doctrines which simply guides humans to build, work and live in a harmonious setting. Only the best astrologer in Borivali, Mumbai for Vastu Shastra can help create a space based on the said principles.

Improper architectural design and layout can sometimes lead to unusual misfortunes such as loss of wealth, frequent illnesses and deteriorating relationships. If you are facing any of the following negative effects it is time to seek the blessings and services of Pandit Ji for Vastu Dosh nivaran.

  • Health - One of the ill effects of improper design and faulty layout of any type of premises leads to illnesses such as frequent headache, arthritis and stomach disorder and in extreme cases paralysis.
  • Psychological disorder is not uncommon in such habitats. Anxiety and depression rules those who live in such quarters.
  • Personal It can also lead to frequent miscarriages which can result in child-birth issues.

So, if you are facing any of the above mentioned obstacles it is time to consult a genuine and learned Vastu Shastra service provider in Mumbai, India By initiating and conducting Vashu dosh nivaran vidhi one can live a healthy and a prosperous life.

Vedic astrology is hundreds and thousands of years old. But its writings were way too advanced. It offered insights into the cosmic world through mediums and tools which were raw and therefore dependent on observation, experience and mathematical calculations of the geniuses of that period.

And one of the observations it made was the connection between humans, gemstones and planets. Traditional astrology has not only mentioned the connection but also proved that gems have the power to heal certain illnesses and shortcomings in human beings. This healing power in gems is extracted from planets and every gem has a specific planet it looks up to for building that energising power.

Incidentally, the potency or the power of astrological gemstones is measured in terms of Ratti. One Ratti is equivalent to 180mg.

As mentioned above, every gemstone is loaded with a specific power or energy which is derived from a certain planet, and therefore reflects some of the virtues of their parent source.

Here are the examples -

  • Sun - Its energy is absorbed by Ruby.
  • Moon - One can find the energy of moon in a Pearl.
  • Mars - Coral is the progeny, in a sense.
  • Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire boasts this planet's energy.
  • Saturn’s - Its energy can be seen in Blue Sapphire.
  • Mercury - Emerald is loaded with this planet's vitality.
  • Venus - Diamond possesses Venus’s potency.
  • Rahu - Hessonite is believed to embrace its energy.

Vedic astrologers typically use this logic while recommending gemstone to get rid of aliments. For example people with low self-belief and confidence are generally recommended Ruby because it increases will power and is a great source for stimulation as it enhances blood flow.

However, gemstones cannot be worn without proper guidance. There are certain fundamental rules or Vedic parameters such as the potency or Ratti, time when it can be worn, on with finger it should be adorned and on which day the action needs to be accomplished. There is more. The ruling planet and the sign or Rashi are also taken into consideration before a particular gemstone is recommended.

So, if you are looking to heal some of your shortcomings or ailments through this mystical therapy then contact a renowned astrologer such as Pandit Suvashit Raj.

Family Issues -

It is a universal fact that no two horoscopes read alike. Even siblings whether normal or twins also reflect dissimilar birth charts. This simply translates into individuals possessing varying temperament, habits, behaviors, likes and dislikes. In spite of such disparity most of the families live in harmony. Some of the binding factors are love and understanding.

However, not everyone is fortunate. There are individuals who face family and relationships problems. At home it could be brother, sister, parents, spouse or children, and outside it could be workplace or friends.

Bad relationships often lead to tension, disharmony, angst and ill feelings towards others. However, this negative energy could also consume the individual. It could lead to breakups, loss of job, social boycott, etc.

One of the ways to overcome this hurdle is to seek advice from a renowned astrologer such as Shri. Pandit Suvashit Raj. Astrologers typically refer time, date and place of birth to analyse the reason for discord in relationships. Many a times simple remedies such as strengthening the weak planets and or initiating Graha Shanti Puja to negate the bad effects of certain malefic planets works wonders.

However, at times, it may require advanced remedies such as Havan, which is to be strictly performed by a learned entity such as a family Guru or Pandit who is well versed with Vedic scriptures. After the end of Havan the said Pandit then offers counselling to the family members for improving relationships further.

In Vedic astrology the Sun represents father, Moon a Mother's shadow, younger siblings ( Brother & Sister) are typically read in terms of Mars and Mercury, and Jupiter is represented by elder brother.

Here are some easy to initiate remedies for increasing love, driving away negative energies from home and fortifying relationships.

  • 1. Yantra - It offers respite from several ailments. It brings in peace, and positive energy which simply means less friction or fights.
  • 2. Puja - Arranging Shanti Puja regularly through the hands of Pandit drives away bad forces and rings in peace and prosperity in the family.

Even improper Vastu or Vastu Dosh could cause breakups and angst in relationships. It should be resolved accordingly for a tranquil ambience within family and between family members.

Child Birth Issue

Hindu Dharma is based on the principles of four important goals of human life ( Purusartha ). These are called Ashramas or Ashrama System. It is a concept or one can also call it Hindu philosophy which teaches the four stages of life which every individual needs to go through to attain Purusartha or completeness. These are -

  • Brahmacharya
  • Grihastha
  • Vanaprastha
  • Sannyasa

Interestingly, stepping into the family life is a part of Grihastha Ashrama. It is a period in human life when he / she enter into a new relationship called marriage, a scared ritual which is the beginning of this phase.

Incidentally, a family or Grihastha Ashrama is incomplete without a child. However, child birth is not a default culmination but a privilege and a blessing. In Vedic astrology, there is specific house designated for child birth. Even if the house is favourable the other factors such as planetary placement, Dosh, ascendency and genetic / biological blueprint play an important role in being blessed with a child.

Vedic astrology believes that childbirth issue begins with the man, and therefore his horoscope needs to be scanned first, for Dasha and passing of planets through various houses. As mentioned earlier, 5th house is responsible for child birth and any fault here results in Putra Dosh because the 5th house also carriers the ledger of good and bad deeds of the previous life.

While examining the horoscope of the man, an astrologer typically concentrates on the 5th house and 5th Lord from several planets such as Moon, Jupiter and Lagna and Saptamsha. A woman's horoscope is analysed from conception point of view. Whether the couple will be blessed with a son or a daughter is also dependent on the placement of planets in various houses.

Child birth issue could also be genetic which is called denial of “Blessing”.