Introduction of MWFIFF

Moonwhite Films International Film Festival - MWFIFF begun its journey in the year 2018, in the heart of Mumbai city, India & its ideation and conceptualisation has been done by Mr. Devashish Sargam ( Raj ), a highly experienced and passionate film Writer, Director, singer, music composer, actor etc...

The one element of popular film festivals which always troubled him was the lack of support offered to those creative folks who migrated to Mumbai to make a mark in film industry. It is this shortcoming, this deliberate void he wanted to fill up. Moonwhite Films International Film Fest -MWFIFF is the culmination of this shortcoming.

Film festivals generally focus on bridging various film fraternities from across the globe, providing that span to connect film makers from a myriad of cultural and social backgrounds. Festivals are also held to allow little know cinematic individuals to showcase their talent in front of international celluloid lovers and critics

However, many times the latter goal, and the only soulful virtue is lost in a whirlpool of commercial repercussions. It is this defect which prompted Moonwhite Films International Film Fest - MWFIFF to create a unique International Film festival which fulfil that missing oath, that leverage to talented individuals to portray their ideas, thoughts, emotions, creativity in the most compelling art form – films.

MWFIFF, offers an unbiased platform to successful and serious filmmakers as well as those who are relatively new but loaded with one of a kind creative vista. When we use the word unbiased we mean equal opportunity for those who are successful and also for those who lack the required thrust. Moonwhite Films International Film Fest - MWFIFF will provide that driving force.

In fact we go a step ahead - spearheading cultural exchange via films, in this ever changing polarised world. The aim is to bring people and countries together; especially those individuals and entities who are in search of a vivid platform to put forward their thoughts and expressions.

No film festival is complete without felicitation / citation. Moonwhite Films International Film Fest - MWFIFF is no different. So, come and be a part of this International Film Festival.