What is Moonwhite Films International Film Fest?

Moonwhite Films International Film Festival was created to address the woes of creative folks, especially those who migrated from their homeland to make their mark in a highly competitive and overcrowded industry called Bollywood. MWFIFF is the creation and the brainchild of Mr. Devashish, writer, director par excellence with over a decade of experience.

It is this craving for an unbiased exposure which made sure he added some unique categories for recognition. Film Short Regional Movies, produced in Maharashtra, is one such example.

Moonwhite Films International Film Fest is not just a platform that provides opportunity to known and unknown filmmakers and actors to showcase their talent in front of the crowd who really matter, typically professional critics. MWFIFF is a movement - a new beginning to an unbiased representation of talent from across the globe and from several cultural and social landscapes. It is also a muse for thousands of professionals working in one of the most creative bastion: film industry.

Like mentioned above Moonwhite Films International Film Fest is the muse for the entire film fraternity and that too from across different linguistic and historic strata. It provides that spur, that motivation and that urge to go one step further and create a master piece which will be appreciated and rewarded.

So how does Moonwhite Films International Film Fest achieve that?

Through recognition of course. MWFIFF awards talented individuals from around the world for their cinematic efforts. Mentioned below are some of the categories that MWFIFF offers a gratifying salutation.